Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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Please check out the documentary P-STAR RISING. It's the story of young girl who struggles to make her dreams of being a rapper come to light, while still trying to hold on to the innocence and magic of being a kid. The Journey of a father who gave up his dreams of being a rap star to support his two daughters, and in a twist of fate, is living that dream out through his daughter Priscilla's journey. You can visit the film's website for more information http://www.pstarrising.com/index.php. Check your local listings for airdate on PBS in your area. The film airs tonight in some markets. The filmmakers Gabriel Noble and Marjan Tehrani followed the family for over five years to create this wonderful film. Please support them and send the link to your friends.


A talented young hip hop performer becomes the vehicle for her father's unfulfilled ambitions in the feature documentary P-STAR RISING. At the dawn of hip-hop's breakthrough into the mainstream in the early 1980s, Jesse Diaz was poised for fame, success, and wealth - but a prison sentence soon squashed his dreams. Though Jesse manages to reclaim his life and regain custody of his two young daughters, lost to the foster care system while he was incarcerated and after their mother succumbed to drug addiction, he struggles to support his family as a single dad. Broke, unemployed, and living in temporary housing, he pins his hopes for the family's fortunes on his youngest daughter, Priscilla AKA P-Star. Recognizing Priscilla's natural musical talent and precocious personality, Jesse sets out to realize his deferred dreams of hip-hop stardom by making the nine-year old the next rap phenomenon - "the youngest girl on the scene." Filmed over five years, P-STAR RISING follows Jesse and his daughter s as they navigate the peaks and pitfalls of both the music business and family relationships. As P-Star starts to break through professionally, Jesse struggles to balance his responsibilities as a father to Priscilla and her older sister Solsky with his music industry aspirations. Solsky, increasingly sidelined in the family by Priscilla's career, does poorly in school and turns to the church for comfort. As Priscilla matures, she comes increasingly into conflict with Jesse, and risks losing er childhood to satisfy his demands. From performances on the street corner to appearances on national television, from signing record label deals to dealing with feelings of abandonment by Priscilla's crack addicted mother, Gabriel Noble's chronicle of the Diaz family offers a personal, intimate look at ambition, talent, and the sacrifices family members make for one another.

Trailer for the film P-STAR RISING

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