Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Own Personal Taste

This post is in regards to a conversation I had today about music and this blog.

Musical taste is about each individuals personal preference. I love ALL music, but I have a fascination with Black women who Rock out. We all have music we love, vibe to, dance to, relax to, work out to etc. Today I was asked if a person doesn't like the artist or the music that I post, then what happens? My answer to that is turn the channel, or in this case leave it on the page. When you're in your car or at home and an artist that you don't like, or a song for that matter comes on, what's the first thing you do? You turn the channel. In this case, I'm not telling you to commit to a particular artist, but I am asking you to open your mind and your ears to something different. It's up to you to say whether you like the artist or not along with their music. This blog is to shed awareness on black female rock artist doing their thing.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to have an open mind and if you like it pass it along. If you don't like the post, wait for the next post and see if the next artist is to your musical taste. There are people who don't like Tina Turner or Betty Davis's music, but you have to appreciate the fact that they were doing their thing. It's like fine wine, cigars, a nice pair of stiletto's. You keep trying it on until you find the perfect fit. Once you find the fit, you open your mind to the rest and go from there. It's that simple.

I will post every Friday and hope that you all enjoy the journey.

To a musical journey worth sharing!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Beginning

Hello Everyone-

This is my first attempt at blogging, and I hope that you enjoy this journey with me. Since I was a kid, my mother was, and still is, a huge music fan. Everything from Jazz, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Rock, Classical, Opera, as well as the native music of the countries we lived in. You name it, and it was played in our house. As a military kid, a lot of times you're listening to whatever is played on the military base, as well as whatever is being played on the local radio stations in the cities and towns that you live in. Without dating myself, a lot of the music was Rock, with the exception of a few crossover black songs that everyone listened too; completely different from the way it is today. Along the way, I heard the sounds of a few black women whose voices just stopped me in my tracks. Tina Turner, Betty Davis Mabry, Nona Hendrix, & Labelle to name a few. These women had a completely different sound that wasn't your typical R&B or Funk, it was a new sound of powerful, liberating, voices. They were strong in the command of their voices and stage presence. They were the beginning of the Black Female Rockers. Because of them I have always wondered why there hasn't been more? Where are all of these women with great voices rockin out? Then I realized that they are out there, but not necessarily widely known.

Because of my own need for more, I've embarked on a musical journey of my own. And not just any journey, but a journey that will culminate in the making of a documentary tentatively called "They Say I'm Different". The documentary will showcase the talents of Black women that you know well, and others you have yet to meet.

I hope you are willing to take the journey with me, and if you like what I'm blogging about please send your friends to the blog.

To a musical journey worth sharing,


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