Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leila Adu

Technology is amazing as I learn how to use it LOL! Leila Adu is also joining the documentary and I want to thank her for her patience. Leila and I had a brief conversation via google chat about a week ago, where she gave her commitment to the project.

It's said that she has a voice like hot treacle on broken glass, whether singing of love or social change. her fans consistently return to her concerts to be "taken away to parallel dimension of music thought.: Raised in New Zealand of Ghanaian descent, Leila has produced three acclaimed albums, written for and sung with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, toured extensively and had radio play in UK, mainland Europe, Australia, Russia, and the Far East.

In 2010 she was voted one of Bold As Love's "Ten Sistas Who Rocked The Decade." Look for Leila's interview in the next few weeks and support her at her sites:

Here's Leila's performance of "manic Depression" performed at the URB ALT: Jimi Hendrix Tribute at Galapagos Artspace in Dumbo Brooklyn:

To a musical journey worth sharing,


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  1. Danni,

    I am so impressed with the progress of this project and your blog. I have not visited here in a while, so when I returned this evening I was very much moved.

    Continued success,




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